A qlēr and professional team

Our model is simple: Pay per consult, or ‘click’, without any annual minimums or multi-year commitments. Our model gives the clients the financial flexibility they need to deliver the efficient, high quality care their patients need. We charge no upfront costs to start our program. We train the facility’s staff, prepare the technology platform for the facility, and monitor each go-live and beyond through an experienced delivery team. Our implementation methodology, qlēr Path, provides clients with an efficient track to initiating care to their patient population. 

Dr. Kathy Seward
Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

Dr. Seward is a board certified internist with more than 20 years of experience in the medical field. She is the Medical Director of Clinical Resource Services for a large medical center in North Carolina. Over the past five years, Dr. Seward has also worked with several prominent healthcare consulting firms, as a consultant through a clinical lens, to implement best practices at hospitals across the country.

John Kohlmeir
Chief Financial and Operations Officer

John has nearly 20 years of experience at Accenture and Huron Healthcare in M&A, fundraising and building high-performing internal operations teams in high-growth areas.With functional expertise in areas including Finance, Treasury, Accounting, Contracting, and Information Technology, John has the depth and breadth of experience to build our nimble, efficient infrastructure and pave the way for our rapid growth.

Bill Cahoon
Client Delivery Leader

Bill has over 15 years of experience at Accenture and Huron Healthcare building and growing client relationships through implementations of clinical solutions and programs. Bill’s focus on flawless delivery and his ability to work with client personnel at all levels will be a huge asset to us, ensuring each new client will start and run smoothly.

qlēr Solutions
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