In the area of behavioral healthcare, the problem is simple …

There are far more patients in need of care than there are psychiatrists to deliver the care.  In fact, per a Weill Cornell Medical study, over 55% of the counties in the United States do not have a psychiatrist, creating a ripple effect across the healthcare continuum.

  • 80% of 1500 emergency department physicians surveyed believe their health systems are not providing optimal care to the behavioral population
  • 70% of behavioral health patients visiting the emergency departments waited over 10 hours to see a psychiatrist
  • 60% of emergency department physicians surveyed believe the increase in behavioral health patients is having a negative impact on the overall delivery of emergency medicine
  • The number of psychiatric visits increased over 55% over the period of 2002 through 2011, far outpacing the growth of non-psychiatric visits

A qlēr solution to the problem

qlēr Solutions has developed an innovative, market-leading on-demand solution to expand the delivery of psychiatric care across the country and to all levels of care settings. Through a compliant, patient and provider-friendly telemedicine platform, we deliver psychiatric care to patients in a variety of care settings including emergency departments, med-surg floors, behavioral in-patient, clinics, nursing homes, and more.

With a growing network of board certified, licensed psychiatrists across multiple states, we are building a high quality, behavioral care delivery team across the country. Our team of providers, have the telepsychiatry experience to deliver the care.