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In the area of behavioral healthcare, the problem is simple …

There are far more patients in need of care than there are psychiatrists to deliver the care.  In fact, per a Weill Cornell Medical study, over 55% of the counties in the United States do not have a psychiatrist, creating a ripple effect across the healthcare continuum.


QLER developed a solution…

QLER Solutions has developed an innovative, market leading on-demand solution to expand the delivery of psychiatric care across the country and to all levels of care settings. Through a compliant, patient-friendly telemedicine platform, we deliver psychiatric care to patients in a variety of care settings.

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The need was QLER

  • 80% of 1500 emergency department physicians surveyed believe their health systems are not providing optimal care to the behavioral population.
  • 70% of behavioral health patients visiting the emergency departments waited over 10 hours to see a psychiatrist.
  • 60% of emergency department physicians surveyed believe the increase in behavioral health patients is having a negative impact on the overall delivery of emergency medicine.

So we have a QLER advantage…

Our solutions are created through the lens of experienced, clinical leaders who walk in the same shoes as our clients.

Our team has decades of experience performing roles such as Medical Director, Attending Physician, Nursing Home Administrator, and a variety of roles in care management. 

We know how to work with leadership, manage communication, build consensus, partner with our colleagues, and deliver results.  

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